Australian Slacklining Association (ASA)

What is slacklining?
Slacklining is a multidisciplinary recreational sport that involves maintaining balance on a length of
synthetic webbing spanning two points.Slacklining can take many forms. At low heights in parks, it is
most popular. It can also be conducted over water (waterlining) or up high (highlining) along with a host
of other sub-disciplines. All of these variations come with their own challenges, and rewards. Additionally
all can be enjoyable and safe activities that benefit the participants while encouraging strong relationship
and community building

What is the Association?

ASA is the representative body for Slacklining in Australia, commited to providing support and developing the slackline community. We aim to protect land access rights for all forms of slacklining in Australia.

  • We are funded by direct membership and donations.
  • We strive to legitimise the slacklining community as valid stakeholders in plans impacting outdoor recreational spaces.
  • We foster safe practices in all forms of slacklining through education and community development.
  • We draft management policies that pertain to the sustainability of our limited slacklining areas.
  • We work with slackliners to build the community by supporting beginners transitioning into the sport, promoting and supporting slacklining events, and offering assistance with local permitting and distributing event information.
  • We strive to establish the channels of communication necessary for the slacklining community to be heard on land access issues, whether that be in the private, local government or state government sectors.
  • We provide input on state and local government plans and policies as they pertain to outdoor recreation.