The ASA encourages its members to look after the environment and to follow our conservation advise to minimise impact.

  • Use tree protection at all times
  • Only use trees which are appropriate for slacklining
  • Leave No Trace (7 principles)
  • Clean up your trash
  • Clean up any other trash you find
  • Orange and banana peels,count as rubbish
  • Use strong tapes that wont tear and litter
  • Don’t drop/kick rocks from cliffs
  • Do not leave lines unattended

Clean Ups

The ASA proudly supports our members to create and organise events within their communities focusing on cleaning and maintaining the environment.

In late March 2019, the Slackline Sydney Community, organised a Clean up event and collected over 150 kgs of rubbish that were about to fall into a marine sanctuary: Gordon’s Bay, located only 9km from Sydney CBD. To raise awareness about the rubbish pollution, they set up a handmade giant banner across the bay and had local and international Slackline athletes, walking across the bay.

Another 2 other clean ups later in 2019 and 2020 were organised by the Slackliners who picked up a large amount of rubbish waste from the SeaCliffs of Diamond Bay and also in Maroubra Beach located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

You can also organise your own Clean Up project. Reach out to your local council and they will most likely help you by providing bin bags. Then you just need to set up a date and you are set to go Happy Cleaning with your friends. Post photos on Social Media and tag @australian_slacklining.