General enquiries: [email protected], 0429 873 689

President:                  Trent Williams             [email protected]            
Vice-President:         Kat Horton                  [email protected]     
Secretary:                  Dan Willersdorf          [email protected]
Treasurer:                  Susan Lowe                [email protected]

State and Territory Representatives:
Australian Capital Territory (ACT):       Stephane Armand
New South Wales (NSW):                     Arthur Pera
Northern Territory (NT):                        Lucy Elvin
Queensland (QLD):                                Michael Webb
South Australia (SA):                             Rob Brooks
Tasmania (Tas):                                      Will De Angelis
Victoria (Vic):                                         Simon Young
Western Australia (WA):                        Nick Pontin

Voting members of the committee:
* Alex Bog
* Holly Officer
* James Short
* Ida Svensson
* Chris Wallace