Our national slacklining association is a go

We now have a national slacklining association. Please find the minutes to the meeting here. Thankyou to everyone who has been a part of making this happen. One of the important values in slacklining and highlining is working together as a team to make our projects happen, and all of us coming together with shared common goals reflects that value. This makes me confident that this association will be successful in achieving its aims.

Over the last month we have taken big steps with the help from all the slacklining community across Australia. We have pooled our skills, resources, and time to make this happen. Here is just a quick list of some of the work that has been done so far:

Tomas Dabašinskas, leading the charge in getting our website and membership portal up and running. Along with Leo Stan and Andy Holloway, we now have a means to raise funds and get our membership established, well done.

Kat Horton and Leo in doing the super exciting job of drafting, re-reading and re-editing the constitution to ensure we get started on the right track.

Loic Leray for designing our super awesome logo.

Simon Young for drafting our code of conduct.

Chris Wallace for his continued work on the highline bolting guide.

The Australian Climbing Association Queensland team, David Reeve, Daniel Peatey, and Leo with their valuable advice on setting up an association with a focus on access rights. We also received valuable advice from Thomas Buckingham from the International Slacklining Association, and Dan Walsh from Slackline US, thank you.

Thank you to everyone who nominated for committee positions within the association. It’s fantastic we have more people keen to be really involved then the current limited positions. This is early days and if you want to be involved in driving this association to achieve its aims, there are opportunities for you.

And lastly well done to everyone who took the time to engage in the early conversations, and those who attended the first general meeting. Last night we had over 40 people all across Australia attend, and on our Facebook page we have over 200 slackliners joining in on the conversation.

Our membership portal is open for people to join up. We have over 20 people so far who have joined, with most providing donations on top of the base fee. The majority of the membership fees will be going direct to our slackline access fund, which will benefit all slackliners across Australia.

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